Aztec Homes

The Impressive Aztec Architecture

The design and material used to build Aztec homes was largely influenced by their climate. Typically, the Aztec shelter of commoners had only one room. The doorways of the Aztec houses were square and found on one wall of the home. The roofs of the ancient Aztec homes were flat, which provided for an extra room in the hot weather of the area where the Aztecs lived.

Some Aztec housing units, however, were two stories tall. These Aztec homes were built for the nobles and were usually located in the central courtyard. In addition, the Aztec homes of the nobles had many flowers nearby and were close to a pool. The Aztec homes of commoners and nobles were most often built with adobe, which was a type of sun-dried brick. The warm climate of the area aided in the creation of this material.

Other forms of Aztec architecture were very complicated. Using their advanced mathematical thinking, they made a variety of Aztec buildings, including their temples and step pyramids. Stone, which was the longest lasting material available, was the primary material used to build these structures. Tools found within the Aztec ruins have sown that the Aztecs used a variety of tools, such as hammers and mallets, to assist in the building of their Aztec homes.