Aztec Weapons

Aztec Warfare and Weapons

Ancient Aztec weapons were among the greatest of the Aztec accomplishments. The atlatl, in particular, was an important development used extensively in Aztec warfare. These Aztec weapons, which were also known as the “spear thrower,” were the primary weapons used by Aztec warriors during warfare.

The atlatl helped the Aztec warriors gain leverage in order to achieve greater velocity when throwing spears. This made the spear far more deadly than when thrown with arm power alone. These Aztec weapons were made with a shaft and a hook. The butt of the spear rested within the shaft. When the spear was thrown using the atlatl, it was capable of going more than 100 meters.

Aztec warriors continued to improve upon the atlatl through the years. These amazing Aztec weapons became so powerful, in fact, the Spanish conquistadors feared the Aztec atlatl more than any other weapon. This was with good cause, as the atlatl was capable of easily penetrating the Spanish metal armor. The weapon was so effective that it often passed completely through the conquistador’s body. In addition to using a wide variety of specialized Aztec weapons, large Aztec war shields helped prevent the warriors from being harmed by the enemy.